Third-party logistics services, including TMS, Freight Spend Analysis and more.

At Freight Guru, our third-party logistics services includes TMS, Freight Spend Analysis and many more. We strive to deliver shipping services that are at par with everyone’s needs, for we understand that shipping needs and logistic requirements differ from business to business. This is why we have developed an array of customized solutions that can offer you flexibility and give you freedom to choose a solution based on your shipping needs. With us, you can manage your freight and logistics budget, irrespective of the size.

At Freight Guru, you can take advantage of our third-party logistics services in order to find out how Freight Spend Analysis, Managed Services, Project Freight, Guaranteed Delivery, RFP/RFQ, Custom Pricing, Transportation Management System and our Online Business Tools can help you in a fine fashion.

Get in touch with us. Our team of experts will gladly assist you and create logistics solutions as per your business requirements.


Project Freight


Freight Spend Analysis


Gauraneteed Solution

RFP / RFQ = Information specified to your
freight and shipping needs.

Request a proposal or a quote from FreightGuru and we will put together a tailored solution based on your outlined business requirements. Give us specifics regarding what type of freight you ship, where you ship it, how often and what carrier requirements you have. Then you will receive a detailed response from us, addressing all your questions and submitted by your predetermined deadline.


Receive answers to your specific questions in a timely manner.
Obtain information regarding customized solutions to meet your shipping needs.
Leverage our expertise in freight shipping to your benefit.

Our Custom Freight Pricing solutions can give you big rewards.

Through a Freight Spend Analysis, we are able to design a custom freight pricing solution for you. We can create a custom tariff or arrange contracted pricing and provide customized freight solutions based on your specific needs. These pricing options allow you to have better control over your freight spend budget which will save you money and increase your bottom line.


Receive custom pricing based on any carrier or industry tariff.
Maximize your budget.
Choose how you want to do business.

Freight management services.

As a third-party logistics company (3PL), we can handle every aspect of your shipping needs. From the time you quote your shipment to when it arrives at its destination, you can rely on our freight management services and experts to keep things running smoothly.

Choose one provider to handle all of your freight management.
Find new ways to save.
Save time by letting us do the work.

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