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Affordable Shipping Services to Meet the Most Demanding Shipping Requirements

Affordable Shipping ServicesEveryone is looking for affordable shipping and transport to move their excess baggage whether it is a removal within the UK, or to Europe or even further afield to Australia New Zealand Canada USA China Japan South Africa and Malaysia or any one of hundreds of international shipping destinations. At FreightGuru we aim not only to give you the affordable and best price for shipping we also want to make it simple for you by having the most advanced on-line booking and quotation system available. Using our system you will be guided through the whole process so you can shipment reaches your chosen destination quickly and at the lowest price to your chosen destination. FreightGuru’s affordable shipping services include airfreight and all forms of ground transportation including flatbeds, vans, specialized trailers and rail service.


FreightGuru provides a complete line of affordable shipping services to meet the most demanding shipping requirements. FreightGuru offers air and ground transportation as well as warehousing and personnel affiliates worldwide to handle any business shipping request. FreightGuru coordinates all modes of transportation from start to finish, ensuring your shipment will arrive on time and within budget. As a full service shipping company, FreightGuru handles business to business freight shipments that require more than a common carrier can offer. Whether LTL or truckload, FreightGuru has, all of the transportation modes needed to handle from start to finish at affordable shipping rates


FreightGuru specialized transportation division handles freight shipments that require extraordinary means of transportation. FreightGuru provides customized and affordable shipping services for freight that is:

  • Affordable Shipping CompanyTime Sensitive
  • Oversized
  • High Value
  • Requiring multiple modes of shipping
  • For Trade Shows
  • Temperature Restrictive
  • Hazardous

If you value your shipment, don't let a common carrier move it. FreightGuru specializes in affordable shipping of high value items that require special handling, such as:

  • Fine Artwork
  • Precision Medical Equipment
  • Prototypes
At affordable, we can crate, wrap and ship your high value item from door to door. Once your shipment arrives, affordable t will unpack and deliver your item exactly where you want it. We manage every detail from start to finish. For more details on Affordable Shipping, you can visit our website or you can call us at- (877) 937-3734. or send your queries at- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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